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Chemistry(Please just check, thank you)

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1) The approximate pH of a 3.0 X 10^-3 M solution of the strong acid H2SO4 is?

I did pH= -log(3.0 X 10^-3) = 2.5

2)If HCLO2 is a stronger acid than HF, which is stronger than HOCL, then the order of strengths of the conjugate bases of these acids is?

My answer is CLO2^-^ < F^-^ < CLO^-^ because the weaker the acid, the stronger its base. HOCL is the weakest acid so its base would be the strongest.

Would you agree with my answers? Thank you!

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    I think 2 is ok.
    For #1, I agree this is an approximate number. Frankly, I don't know what an approximate pH is. It probably means ignoring k2 for H2SO4; if so then the 2.5 is fine.

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    Ok thank you!

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