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A ball of circumference 71.5 cm and mass 640 g is forced to the bottom of a swimming pool and then released. After initially accelerating upward, it rises at a constant velocity. (The density of water is 103 kg/m3.)
(a) Calculate the buoyant force on the ball.

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    densityball=mass/volume=.640kg/(4/3 PI r^3)

    where radius r= .715/2PI

    bouyant force: (mass displaced water-massball)g

    = volume(densitywater-densityball)g
    = volume (density water)g - massball*g
    = you finish it. Keep units in SI: kg, m^3

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    this gives me the answer for drag force

  • physics -

    What would the equation for the drag force the ball experiences while it is moving upward at constant velocity be?

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