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5. The success of the blizkrieg depended mainly on superiority in
a. nuclear weapons
b. naval power
c. defense strategy
d. mobile ground troops

10. It was difficult to write a peace treaty according to the Fourteen Points because the
a. Germans wouldn't accept it
b. United States opposed it
c. European allies didn't trust Wilson
d. European nations had secret treaties that conflicted with it

16. Great Britain declared war after German troops marched into Belgium because
a. it wanted Belgium as an ally
b. Germany might seize control of the English Channel
c. Germany was violating the 1839 guarantee
d. Belgium did not have an army to defend itself

18. The Boxer Rebellion, the Open Door Policy, and the Treaty of Portsmouth all
a. strengthened China
b. contributed to an increase in Chinese trade
c. weakened China
d. helped to close China to foreign trade

19. One of the causes of the Great Depression was
a. rising wages and prices
b. falling wages and prices
c. very slow fluctuations in business activity
d. inconsistent growth in agricultural production
Not sure between B and C..


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