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Posted by Zakiyya on Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 11:30am.

-You are walking home when you notice signs of a storm gathering around you. Describe what happens and how you feel as you make your way to shelter.(IGCSE LEVEL)

Trudging slowly home with my whining younger sister one humid afternoon,after an uneventful seemingly everlasting day at school, I could feel that the grey atmosphere was becoming unusually choppy. The relentless wind was howling around us like a pack of ravenous wolves and the strong odour of dust hung in the sticky air which seemed was as thick as soup.
''I'm hot!'' moaned my annoying sister as she carelessly unzipped her luminous pink jacket and flung it off her shoulders. Ignoring her, I walked on letting her slowly trail behind.
All of a sudden, and with no warning the heavens opened up,and shed thousands of tears onto the muddy ground. The deafening sounds of the raging storm were tremendous and glancing up the ghostly and deserted street, I noticed with a stab of lonesome fear that my sister and I were all alone.
''Hey!I'm drenched!and where's everyone disappeared to?'' hollered my little sister. I glanced back and saw the terror in her wide open eyes.
''Don't worry!'' I replied comfortingly to her ''Quick,here's somewhere we can take shelter until this storm calms down!''
Diving hastily behind a reeking bright yellow bin, I dragged her in after me. She was shivering out of cold and fear, and her dark auburn hair was soaked to the roots.
Pulling my sister close to me for warmth, I peered out from our shelter. The dark sky looked like black ink spilled from a bottle and the sheets of rain were cascading down in colossal torrents..
How I wished I was in the safety of our cozy home, drinking a steaming mug of hot chocolate and watching the angry storm with curiosity from my large bedroom windows.
An earsplitting rumbling in the distance brought me out of my longing thoughts and after a moment flashes of lightning ripped through the sky like a stabbing knife. Shrinking back into our temporary hiding place, I wondered dismally how long this fierce storm would last.

I appreciate the help!

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