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Posted by jhong on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 8:00pm.

1. Divide the ions below into 2 groups, those that tend to form soluble compounds and those that tend to form insoluble compounds.
(〖Pb〗^(+2), 〖Na〗^+, 〖Nh4〗^+, 〖Ag〗^+, 〖NO3〗^-, 〖OH〗^-, 〖Cl〗^-, 〖CO3〗^(-2), 〖PO4〗^(-3))

2. Suppose a student returned some unused lead nitrate to the container to the container marked “sodium nitrate”. What could the student do to get all the lead ions ”out” from the sodium nitrate?

3. A solution contains 〖Nh4〗^+ ions and 〖Ca〗^(+2) along with some anions. How would you separate 〖Nh4〗^+ ions from 〖Ca〗^(+2) ?

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