December 20, 2014

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Posted by Matthew on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 11:17am.

Writeacher, I urgently need your help to check a few things.

1) Which of them is the girl to whom you are enganged?
2) Paris, which I visited las year, is one of the most romantic cities I've been to/to which I've been/where I've been/where I've stayed/which I've been to/in which I was.
(I need to know the ones which are incorrect):
3) Is that the CD in which you are interested?
4) We've just received the computer, which/that/no pronoun we ordered last week (according to the rule the relative pronoun object can be omitted because the relative clause is defining).
5) On the challenge I'll take with me a backpack with food and drinks for two days, extra clothes and a compass.
6) I've got a rucksack on my shoulders.
I'm carrying a rucksack on my shoulders.
I'm wearing my hair tied at the back in a bun.
7) In my rucksack I've packed food for two days, a water bottle (?) and extra clothes.
8) What would you pack in your rucksack if you had to compete in the ten tors challenge?
9) I've got a rucksack in which I put (have put) everything I need for/on the challenge.

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