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A large water tank has an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe. The inlet pipe has a diameter of 2.19 cm and is 1.25 m above the bottom of the tank. The outlet pipe has a diameter of 5.93 cm and is 4.85 m above the bottom of the tank. A volume of 0.411 m^3 of water enters the tank every minute at a gauge pressure of 1 atm.

a) What is the velocity of the water in the outlet pipe?

b) What is the gauge pressure in the outlet pipe?

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    It seems that water is being pumped into an opening near the bottom of the tank and being removed from an outlet higher above. Is this supposed to be a steady state situation?

    If so,
    (a) V*(outlet pipe area)= (volume flow rate at inlet)

    (b) The guage pressure difference is (rho)*g*h
    where h is the difference of heights of inlet and outlet

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    A bat flying toward a wall at a speed of 6.47 m/s emits an ultrasound wave with a frequency of 27.5 kHz. What frequency does the reflected wave have when it reaches the flying bat? (Assume that the speed of sound is v = 341 m/s.)

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