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Phillip made fudge that filled a 20-cm by 21-cm by 3-cm pan.

a)what is the volume of the fudge?

b)there are 30 bpeople in the class how much fudge will each person get?

c)How should the fudge be cut so that each person gets the same sized peice?

d)what are the dimensions of each peice of fudge?

thanks for the help

  • math - ,

    V = 20 * 21 * 3
    V = 1260 cubic cm

    1260/30 = 42 cubic cm

    I'll be glad to check your answers for the other two.

  • math - ,

    for c) can you cut them in rectangles? with rows of 3 and colums of 14?

    1260cm/42cm=30cm so i divided 42 by 3 and got 14.

  • math - ,

    Right. Each piece would be 14 by 14 by 3 cm.

  • math - ,

    d) 4.5 cubic cm because 21cm / 14=1.5*3 =4.5 cubic cm???

    can you please confirm this?

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