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Posted by running.from.myself on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 7:00pm.

Dear Editor,
1 In your recent article "Just a Play Day," you argue that playing video games is a waste of time. You also descrive video-game players as lazy young people who loaf for hours in front of a screen. I respectfully disagree with your opinions. I would like to offer some examples that show that playing video games has many benefits.
2 On Saturday I visited my friend Devan. He was playing a video game that looked like fun. It was no ordinary game, though. It was created by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to help kids understand what it is like to be an astronaut and work at the International Space Station. By playing the game, Devan was learning how to build a spaceship and manage a crew of astronauts. Devan wants to become an anstronaut one day, and this game teaches him about some of the skills astronauts need in their work.
3 My little sister Losuia loves to play history games whenever she visits the computer center at out neighborhood library. The history games help players imagine what it would be like to live during a particular time. Louisa is especially interested in learning about the pionerring days of the 1800s. In fact,that's all she talks about. So the next time I have a history report due, I can turn to Louisa for the knowledge she's gained from video games.
4.Even though you insist in your article that playing video games has no value,Devan and Lousia's use of video games is anything but a waste of time. You also suggest that young people tend to play video games for hours at a time. However,I recently read a report published by researchers at the University of MIchigan,a nd they suggested that it is not a problem for kids to play video games for as long as two hours a day. Louisa definetly doesnt play that much. In fact,our library regulates computer use by limiting people to 30 minutes at a time to let others use it. Devan does play video games a bit longer that Losuia. He says he plays about an hour a day.However, I think playing video games an hour a day or a few hours a week fits well with a balanced,busy schedule. And I know a lot about having a busy schedule.
5.Like Devan and Louisa,I enjoy playing video games. But while I play video games almost daily, I also attend sports and complete my work on time. In fact, being able to play video games often encouarages me to get my tasks done throughout the day so that I can reward myseelf to play.
6.You also might not be aware that playing video games can actually help imrpove your studies and athletic skills. The University of Michigan researchers found that playing video games can help people pay more attention to details and clues and learn math skills such as memorizing and using strategies. Some video games can help improve eye-hand coordination,which would be helpful in sports when throwing,cathching,or hitting.
7.I hope you and your readers will consider the many advantages of playing video games that I have presented. Playing video games is not a waste of time. In addition to being fun to play,video games provide educational experiences. Who knows? Even you might enjoy them!

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