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Uranium-238 has half life of 4.51 * 10^9 years
Uranium-234 has half life of 2.48 * 10^5 years
Thorium-230 has half life of 8.0 * 10^4 years
Radium-226 has half life of 1.62 * 10^3 years
Lead-210 has half life of 20.4 years.

The rate constant for the decay of unstable nuclide X by alpha-particle emission is 1.17 * 10^-6 / day. What is identity of X? Use the following table above to assist in answering the question below. Please show step by step. This is too hard and difficult.

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    I believe you are over thinking this.
    t1/2 in day = 0.693/k
    Solve for k and divide by 365 to convert to years. Compare with the list of those given.

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