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Posted by Matthew on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 11:25am.

I urgently need to check some paragraphs with you. I hope you can help me. I repeated the same sentence many times to see all the possible variations. Thank you very much.

1)Defoe's novels are fcitional and retrospective autobiographies always pretending to be true stories and recollecting past events.
2) They are introduced by a preface and lack a coherent plot.
Robinson uses the goats' fat to make candles to light his cave, the goats' milk to make cheese and the goats' meat to feed himself.
3) Friday's nose is not flat as the nose of a negro/savage is.
Friday's nose is not flat like that of a negro (Like is followed by a noun, whereas "as" by a whole sentence).
His hair is not curled as that of a savave (or of savages) is.
4) His hair is not curled like that of savages. (NOT like the savage one,like savages one?)
His hair is not curled like wool as that of a savage is.
5) His skin is not quite black, but yellowish. Correction: his skin is not quite black but very tawny, though not yellowish.
6) How would you comment on the grammar mistakes in this sentence?
Friday is a brave man, a slave; he learns how to speak English, to make weapon, utensilies (use weapons, utensils) and something about the Christianity.

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