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Posted by ronald on Monday, March 19, 2012 at 9:08pm.

(a) Plot the data on lightning deaths. (b) Describe the trend (if any) and discuss possible causes.
(c) Fit an exponential trend to the data. Interpret the fitted equation. (d) Make a forecast for 2005,
using a trend model of your choice (or a judgment forecast). Explain the basis for your forecast.
Note: Time is in 5-year increments, so use t = 14 for your 2005 forecast. Lightning

U.S. Lightning Deaths, 19402000

Year Deaths
1940 340
1945 268
1950 219
1955 181
1960 129
1965 149
1970 122
1975 91
1980 74
1985 74
1990 74
1995 85
2000 51

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