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1. Which one of the following is not a benefit to the employer when offering an ESOP? (Points : 1)
maintains a stable work force
owner can sell stock to a friend
results in a dilution of value of the stock
ESOT can borrow money under favorable conditions

2. All but which one of the following theories are included within content theories of motivation? (Points : 1)
Maslow's hierarchical needs
Herzberg's two-factor theory
McClelland's four modes of success
Adams' equity theory

3. Which of the following compensation areas is most affected by changes in IRS regulations? (Points : 1)
minimum wages
union contracts
executive compensation
professional employee compensation
4. A defined contribution plan has all but which one of the following features? (Points : 1)
employer contributions can be a flat dollar amount
employer contribution can be based on some special formula
provides a definitely determinable payment over a prescribed schedule
top limit to the contribution is $30,000

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