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John kept track of all his math and reading test scores throughout the year as shown in the table below.
Test 1:90math 80reading
Test 2:75math 90reading
Test 3:80math 70reading
Test 4:90math 75reading
Test 5:95math 90reading

What is the difference between the median of his math scores and the median score of his reading scores?

John made a 100 on his 6th Test in both math and reading. What will the range of his math scores be? What will be the median of his reading scores?
25range 95 median

Did the mode of his reading or math scores change after test 6?
I don't know this one and I forgot what mode means

  • Math -

    The subject was suppose to be Math
    I was helping my brother and I put his name. Sorry

  • math -

    2. Since there are 6 scores, the median of his reading scores is half way between 80 and 90.

    The mode is the score that is most frequent.

  • Derrick -

    For number 2 is it 85?
    And for the mode question is the answer No?

  • Derrick -

    Yes. Both your answers are correct.

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