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Posted by Raskin on Monday, March 19, 2012 at 12:16am.

Another Equilibrium Question!
The following reaction is at equilibrium in a closed 20.0-L container. At equilibrium, the pressures of NH3 and HCl are both equal to 0.00552 atm, and the mass of NH4Cl (s) is 35.4 g. Calculate the equilibrium pressure of NH3 after 11.3 g of NH4Cl (s) is added to the container

NH4Cl(s) -> HCl(g) + NH3(g)

Not sure how to approach this problem, I've tried several methods..
And get stuck on them

I'm not sure if I should solve Kp first, which should be .00552*2 so Kp = .01104, but I get confused on how to use the mass of NH4Cl and when 11.3g of NH4Cl is added.

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