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1. The formula V=lwh is used to find the volume of rectangular prisms. Which equation solves for w?
a. w=V-l-h
b. w=Vlh
c. w=lh/V
D. w=V/lh

2. Mr. Marsupial invested $8,000, part at 6% interest and the reamainder at 8% interest. At the end of the first year he received &600 i interest. How much money did he invest at 6%?

3. Which equation is equivalent to y-1=-3/4(x-1)?
A. 4x+3y=7
B. 3x+4y=7
C. 3x+4y=1
D. 4x+3y=1

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    (D) $2000 (B)

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