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Posted by Jen on Sunday, March 18, 2012 at 4:50pm.

You mix 40.0 g of ethanol (C2H5OH, molecular weight = 46.1 g/mol) and 60.0 g of water (molecular weight = 18.0 g/mol) The resulting solution has a density of 920 g/L.

a)Calculate the molarity of ethanol in this solution?
Answer : 0.06 kg of H2O

This is correct.

b) At what temperature will the solution freeze? Pure water freezes at 0.00 degrees C and its Kf= 1.86 degrees C/m. Hint: ethanol is not an ionizing solute.

My work: delta Tf= i*Kf* Msolute
1.186* 14.5
delta Tf= 26.97
=26.97 degrees C

This is correct.

I need help on part c and d:

c) calculate the molarity of ethanol in this solution

d) What pressure needs to be applied to this solution at T= 0 degrees C to make water come out from it through a water-permeable membrane?

Please help!

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