March 29, 2017

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At a local park, there is a large circular fountain feature that is 50 feet across,
surrounded by a path that is 8ft wide. A father and son plan to have a “friendly”
race around the path. To be fair, the father agrees to run around the outside
circle of the path, and the son will run on the inside next to the fountain.
a) How far will the son have to run to make one circuit around the fountain?
b) Because the father is running around the outside of the path, he will
have to run farther. Determine how much farther he will have to run to
make one circuit of the fountain.

  • Algebra - ,

    a. C = pi*D = 3.14 * 50Ft = 157 Ft. =
    Circumference = Distance the son must

    b. C = 3.14 * 66Ft. = 207 Ft. = Dist.
    father must run.
    207 - 157 = 50 Ft. Farther than the son.

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