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I am working on a redox stoichiometry lab. I need to calculate the moles NaBO3*4H2O.

Mass=1.0133g in 100mL solution

In my experiment I used 9.98mL and titrated in with KMnO4.

I'm really confused about how to calculate the moles. Thanks for any help!!!!

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    Write the equation and balance it. Do that first.

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    I calculated the M of NaBO.... at 6.59x10^-3 for the mass I measured. I have a chart of measurements where I used 9.98mL out of 100mL of solution that I made. I was given the equation

    (mass Na.../molar mass Na...)*(volume Na.../volume total solution)

    the balanced equation I'm totally stuck.

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    I need more information than that. For moles NaBO3.3H2O = grams/molar mass.

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