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The equilibrium constant Kp for the following reaction is 4 atm^2 at 300 K.
AB(s) = A(g) + B(g)
What is the equilibrium pressure of A(g) and B(g) above AB(s) at 300K? What is Kc at 300K?

How would i solve this when they don't even give me any partial pressures?! All of the problems I've had so far have at least given me a Kc or a Kp or pressures to start off with but this one confuses me. Please help!

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    Kp = 4
    AB(s) ==> A(g) + B(g)
    Kp = pA*pB
    If we let p = partial pressure of A, p also will be the partial pressure of B; therefore, p*p = Kp. Solve for p.

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