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Posted by Matthew on Saturday, March 17, 2012 at 5:44pm.

Writeacher, I really need you to check these sentences and tell me which are possible. Thank you.

1) I really hope we can start our students' email exchange next week.
2) Can you possibly write a short presentation of your school (age range of your students, list of core subjects, if it offers different branches, and for how many years your pupils study Italian and/or Latin etc.) to be included on our link to your school.
3) Can I send you my students' emails to your own email address?
4) She forgot to turn down the gas and the dinner burnt.
5) Can you turn up the volume ON the radio (of is a mistake?) Can I turn up the radio?
6) She took on the responsibility for the whole family (for all the family is a mistake?)
7) Humid days bring on my cough.
He let the students off with a warning. 8) He let off the students with a warning.
He stopped to take on the students that lived in the next village (not: in the near village, in the nearby village?)

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