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I posted this question already but you never replied back :(

Consider the following reaction at 298 K:
C(graphite) +2Cl2 (g) -----> CCl4(l)

Calculate the following quantities.

Delta H: -139 kJ/mol

deltaS(sys)=? J/mol*K
deltaS(surr)=? J/mol*K
deltaS(univ)=? J/mol*K

My answer is:
deltaS(surr)=466.4 J/mol*K
deltaS(univ)=231.4 J/mol*K

Delta (surr) and (univ) are correct. But delta (sys) is wrong...please help thanks!

chemistry - DrBob222, Friday, March 16, 2012 at 11:38pm

How did you calculate the dS sys? What values did you use?

chemistry - Leila, Saturday, March 17, 2012 at 2:40pm

Change in Hf(kJ/mol) Change in G Change in S

C(graphite) 0 0 5.7
Cl2 0 0 223.1
CCl4 -139 -68.6 214.4

  • DrBob222 PLEASE HELP! -

    ************The values I used

    change in delta Hf=0
    change in delta G= 0
    change in delta S= 5.7

    change in delta Hf=0
    change in delta G= 0
    change in delta S= 223.1

    change in delta Hf=-139
    change in delta G= -68.6
    change in delta S= 214.4

  • DrBob222 PLEASE HELP! -

    The values above are in the units of kJ/mol

  • DrBob222 PLEASE HELP! -

    never mind I subtracted wrong the answer is -235.4 hahaha

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