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Posted by Matthew on Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 5:30pm.

Could you please check these other sentences, please? Thank you.

1) Iíve just been on holiday with my family.
Iíve just gone on holiday with my family.
2) My nephews did some piratesí games.
If you have just come back from your holiday: I was in Spain with my family for two weeks. (and not: Iíve been in SpainÖ..) .
3) Iíve also taken a photo with a famous footballer. (or I also took a photo..?). I ate paella. It was (not is) delicious.
4) We flew back (we travelled by air??) but the flight wasnít too long.
During (in is a mistake?) my Christmas holiday I spent time with my family.
Sorry we haven't got in touch for two weeks.
45) Sorry we have been out of touch (is "with each other" necessary??)
6) On Christmas Eve I played some party games with my cousins and at midnight we exchanged presents.
We toasted the New Year BUT we drank a toast to the New Year.
7)Last week I got a good mark in Maths.
I did a lot of nice experiences (??) when I was on holiday.
I'm writing to tell you my experiences of the last month.

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