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2) In a certain instant lottery game, the chances of a win stated as "3 in 23". Express the indicated degree of likelihood as a probability value between 0 and 1

3) A certain company reduced its management staff from 20 managers to 16. The company claimed that 4 managers were randomly selected for job termination. However, the four managers chosen are the four oldest managers among the 20 the were employed. Answer the questions below.
Part A: Find the probability that when the four managers are randomly selected from a group of 20, the four oldest are selected. The probability is.

Part B: Is that probability low enough to charge that instead of using random selection , the company actually fired the oldest employees.
A)No, because it would not be unusual to fire the oldest managers, given that they were randomly selected for termination

B)Yes, because it would be unusual to fire the oldest employees, if they were randomly selected for termination.

c) No, the probability is not low. Each manager had an equal chance of being fired.

D) Yes, the probability is low enough, therefore , it is possible that the oldest employees were randomly selected.

4) A research center poll showed that 83% of the people believe that it is morally wrong to not report all income on tax returns. What is the Probability that someone does not have this belief.

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    number of all possible groups of 4 is
    C(20,4) = 4845
    the group of 4 oldest is one of those

    prob that the four oldest were picked randomly = 1/4845

    I will leave the interpretations etc up to you

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