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Algebra 1

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REINY, Thank you for your answer and the answer is obviously correct when you go back and do the multiplying ......however , I do not just want the answer, I desperately wish to understand from start to finish how you got the answer. I am sorry if I seem stupid, really , but how did you get 2x = 18 , x=9 where did the 18 come from? I am so confused. Thanks for your help!!!! connie Original Question
solve if x=student price and y =adult price and 2y + 5x=77 and 2y + 7x=95 what are the price for admission for both adult and child. Your Answer:subtract them:
2x = 18
sub into the first:
2y + 45 = 77
2y = 32
y = 16

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    You didn't read his response carefully. The first instruction was "subtract them".

    Assuming you understand the context of the problem, he meant to subtract one equation from the other:

    ----------- subtract and the 2y-2y goes away!
    2x = 18
    so, x=9

    smooth sailing from there on.

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