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Chemistry(Please help)

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For the reaction, 2 SO2(g) + O2(g) == 2 SO3(g), at 450.0 K (Kelvin) the equilibrium constant, Kc, has a value of 4.62. A system was charged to give these initial concentrations, (SO3) = 0.254 M and (O2) = 0.00855 M, and (SO2) = 0.500 M. In which direction will it go?

I think I posted this once before but I do not remember what the respond was. Am I suppose to plug the values into the Kc equation?

4.62 = (0.245)^2 / (0.500)^2 (0.00855)

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    just copy and paste your question into google and the exact same question pops up on the first link. the post you posted before is the 3rd link down.

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