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Identify the capitalized part of speech in the following sentence:

Unless you come to class and complete the work, you will learn VERY little.

Answer a. noun
b. pronoun
c. verb
d. adjective
e. adverb
f. preposition
g. conjunction

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    The word, VERY, modifies the noun, little.

    Which part of speech do you think VERY is?

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    "little" is an adverb. VERY is an adverb that modifies little, so in the end, very is an adverb that modifies the adverb little.

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    Here's my reasoning.

    The word, "little," is a noun because it is the direct object of the verb, "will learn." It tells WHAT you will learn.

    Similar constructions:

    you will learn a little
    you will learn nothing

    It seems to me that VERY is an adjective, modifying the noun, little.

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    OK, I accept that logic.

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