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physics grade 12

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In this problem they show a diagram of a pulley system with an inclined plane (25 degree incline). There is a box called m1=47kg resting on the incline plane and m1=35kg hanging on the vertical line. The question reads: The coefficient of friction between m1 and the surfvace of the inclined plane are Ustatic=0.42 and Ukinetic=0.19.
a)if the masses are held in place and then released , will they start to move? ------> I know the answer is NO.
b)how much mass would you have to add to m2 to cause the masses to begin to move? ----> The answer should be 2.8kg but I don't know how the book got this answer.
c)If you said no to a) and added the mass that you calculated in b), what would be the acceleration of the masses? ---> answer given in the back of textbook is 5.7 m/s^2

ANY help with this problem would be greatly appreciated!! THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance :)

  • physics grade 12 -

    the acceleration of the mass will be 7.3m/s2

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