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Posted by Matthew on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at 2:37pm.

Could you please check these sentences, please? Thank you.

1) The thieves stole a lot of things but they didn't damage the house.
(turn this sentence into the passive/this is part of a test:
A lot of things was/were stolen by the thieves but the house wasn't damaaged.
2) case it may/might rain (is it a mistake?)
3) As to your summer courses, I still have to see how many of my students from the fourth classes may want to come to your school on their own.
4) In point of fact, the parents of the younger students won't send them to your school without the presence of at least an accompanying teacher from Italy.
3) I think it would be best on the one hand organize a school student exchange for next autumn and on the other hand see the number of students who would be interested in spending an academic year at your school.
4) I'll take for the challenge: food, drinks and one compass.
5) On/over my yellow T-shirt there is the competition's sponsor. I'm wearing a black coat over/on (both possible?) a black dress.
6) I have a rucksack on my shoulders in which I put everthing I need on the challenge: a tend, a compass, and extra clothes. I've got a sleeping bag and a backpack (is a mistake, better: I will also take/carry ...... on the Challenge)
7) I will wear black trousers with a lot of pockets, a short-sleeved round-neck (crew-neck?) plain T-shirt, a zip-up, long-sleeved hoodie with some pockets, a pair of walking sticks and a backpack, where I'll put all the necessary (all the things I need), such as an up-to-date map, a compass, a tend and some food.
8) I might wear my hair tied at the back in a pony tail or in a bun.

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