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abigail works at a skateboard shop. she earns $8 per hour and $1 commission for each sale she makes. from june 1st to june 5th, she saves all her money and doesn't spend anything.
each day,from june 1st to june 5th, abigail worked 3 hours
.on june 1st,abigail made 2 sales.
.on june 3rd, abigail made 3 sales.
.on june 5th,abigailmade 1 sale, and went home 1 hour early.
if abigail had $195 at the end of june 5th, how much money did she have on the morning of june 1st?
$120 or

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    3 hrs/day * 5 days = 15 hours * $8/hr = $120
    sales made: 6 = $6
    total earnings: $126
    195-126 = 69

    So, the explanation isn't quite accurate. It said she worked 3 hours each day, yet went home an hour early on June 5th. So, she didn't really work 3 hours each day at all.

    So, revising her earnings down by $8, sh e only earned $118.

    $195-$118 = $77.

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    thank you

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