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chemistry- empirical formulas

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Calculate the empirical formula of a molecule with the following percent compositions: 55.0% gallium (Ga) and 45.0% fluorine (F).
mass of 100g #of Moles in 100g
of the compound

Ga55.0% _____ ______

F45.0% ______ _______

c. Determine the molecular formula of a molecule having an empirical formula of NH2 and a molar mass of 32 g/mol.

  • chemistry- empirical formulas -

    Take a 100 g sample which will give you
    55.0 g Ga and
    45.0 g F
    Convert to mols.
    55.0/atomic mass Ga = ?
    45.0/atomic mass F = ?
    Now find the ratio of the elements to each other with the smallest being 1.00. The easy way to do this is to divide the smaller number by itself(which gives 1.00), then divide the other number by the same small number. Round to whole numbers. Post your work if you get stuck.

    empirical formula = NH2. empirical formula mass = 14 + 2(1.00) = 16
    molar mass = 32
    16*n = 32
    n = 2; therefore, the molecule consists of two units of NH2.
    (NH2)2 or N2H4.
    Check. 2N + 4H = 2(14) + 4(1) = 28 + 4 = 32. must be right.

  • chemistry- empirical formulas -

    since i don't have a teacher. I tried and this is what i came up with.
    55.0/atomic massGa
    55.0/69.723= 1.27 (rounded)
    45.0/atomic massF
    45.0/18.998404= 2.37 (rounded)
    If this is corect what do I do after this. If not can you help me with an headstart please.?

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