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A point charge q1=-8 is located at the orgin of a rectangular coordinate system. A second charge q2=6nC is located at a distance of 0.2m from the orgin on the positive x-axis, and a third charge q3=12nC is located at a distance of 0.2m on the positive y-axis. Find the magnitude and direction of the net electric force acting on the charge at the origin

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    F12=k•q1•q2/(r12)^2=1.08•10^-5 N (to the right)
    F13= k•q1•q3/(r23)^2=2.16•10^-5 N (upwards)
    F=sqroot(F12^2+F13^2)=2.4•10^-5 N
    Direction of F respectively x-axis:
    tan α=F13/F12= 2,
    α = 63.4 degr

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