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I urgently need you to help me check these sentences. Thank you, Writeacher

1) I'm sorry we havent' been in touch with each other for a long time.
I've just been on holiday with my family.
2) I visited a medieval village and two islands on the Maggiore Lake.
During my holiday I've done my homework but I haven't finished it because I've a lot of homework. I also played in a football team. We won the match and I scored two goals.
3) When I arrived in Rome, my mother made a cake (had baked a cake for me?) because it was my birthday.
4) I've been two weeks on holiday with my family. We have been in Spain. We have visited Madrid, the capital and I have eaten paella, a kind of rice with fish. It was delicious. I've also taken a photo with Messi, the most famous football player that has ever played for Barcelona (??). I have also flown in a plane. The flight journey hasn't been very long.
5) Now I have to do my homework because I haven't finished it.

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    1. spelling of "haven't" -- remove "just"

    2. ... I was working on my homework ... played on a football team ...

    3. OK, and both phrasings are fine.

    4. I've been on holiday for two weeks... the capital, ...
    (I'm unclear what you mean by "flight journey" -- the amount of time it took to fly to or from Barcelona?)

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