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Spanish-2nd answer

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¿Qué hace los actores en la ópera de teatro?
Los actores juegan unos papeles en la obra de teatro.

¿Qué pasa hacer la semana próxima?
Voy a la escuela la semana próxima

¿Qué hiciste la semana pasada?
Hice mi tarea la semana pasada.

  • Spanish-2nd answer -

    What makes theatre opera actors?
    The actors play roles in the play.

    What do next week?
    I go to school next week

    What did you last week?
    I did my homework last week.

  • Spanish-2nd answer -

    I was wondering if they were correct in Spanish-I know what they mean in Englsih-I wrote the answers.

  • Spanish-2nd answer -

    Try again.

    to role = representar un papel

    yo hago
    tu haces
    el hace
    nosotros hacemos
    ellos hacen ----------- they (the actors)

    ¿What are you going to do next week?
    going to (vas a) do (hacer)
    ¿Qué vas a hacer la semana próxima?
    I am going to go to school next week.
    The third answer is correct

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