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I am trying to figure out how to calculate the average temperature of 2 different chemical solutions based upon the temperatures I measured. The question states: Find the average Ti of HCl & NaOH solutions.

The Ti of NaOH solution is: 20.87 C
The Ti of HCl solution is: 21.16 C

Do I just add the 2 temperatures and divide by 2, like so: 20.87 + 21.16=43.03, 43.03/2 = 21.15 ?

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    Yes, that's how you do in concept b ut not with those numbers. When I add them i get 42.03 and that divided by 2 is not 21.15.

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    Thank you very much, Dr.Bob! You are correct, I accidentally added the values incorrectly. We conducted the lab in class, which is where I measured the temperature for both solutions and obtained the Ti shown above. I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't some kind of formula for calculating the average of Ti. The solution seemed too easy!


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