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Homework Help: 3 grade english ms sue

Posted by dw on Monday, March 12, 2012 at 5:43pm.



context clues - sue made a list of phrases about her best friend. write a list word to complete each phrase.

1- very____________

2-color_________the line

3-from the_________

4-always has an __________library book

5-likes being________

6-never stays awake until_________

my son wrote in -1-overgrown,2-outline,3-midwest,4-overdue,5outside,6-midnight -now you have check it is all right or not please

definitions- fill in the circle to show the correct definition.

7-prepaid means
A-you paid ahead of time.
B-you paid too much.
my son circle the letter(A)

8-overgrown means
A-something grew too much.
B-your growth spurt is finished.
my son circle the letter(A)

9-pertest means
A- a test about prefixed.
B-a test to see what you already know.
my son circle the letter(B)

10-overtime means
A-it's getting late.
B-you worked extra hours.
my son circle the letter(B)

11-outline means
A-you can't color inside the lines.
B- you draw a line around the outside edge.
my son circle the letter (B)

12-midpoint means
A-middle part of anything.
B-near the end.
my son circle the letter(A)

check this one and tell me everything is right i know i think these all right but some time i will wrong to so that's why i want double check the answer for my son thank you

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