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1. Olaudah Equiano wrote (1 point)
a book of letters to his African family.
a history of the West Indian slave trade.
stories of early slavery in Virginia.
the first autobiography by a black man in America.
2. The term “the Middle Passage” refers to (1 point)
the trip between West Africa and the islands of the Caribbean.
the central chapters of Equiano's book.
the part of the ship in which slaves were held.
the middle decades of slave trading.
3. Which is true of Equiano’s position on the voyage? (1 point)
He was young and so not fettered.
He tried to jump overboard.
He was favored and given fish to eat.
He was unconscious throughout most of the voyage.
4. Identify the correct denotative and connotative meaning of the word loathsome. (1 point)
arrogant; negative
dirty; negative
hateful; negative
kind; positive

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