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The value of almost everything you own, such as a car, computer, or appliance, depreciates over time. When the value decreases by a fied amount each year, the depreciation is called straight-line depreciation.
Suppose your car has an initial value of $16,750 and depreciates $1030 per year.

a. State a question that you might want answered in this situation.
B. What two variables are involved in this problem?

c. Which variable do you think should be designated as the input variable?

d. Complete the following table.

Year Car is Owned 1 2 3 4 5
Value of Car(s)

e. State in words the relationship between the value of the car and the number of years the car is owned.

f. Use appropriate letters to represent the variables involved and translate the written statement in part e to an equation.

g. If you plan to keep the car for 7 years, determine the value of the car at the end of this period. explain the process you used.

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    b. Variables are the value and the years owned.

    c. The number of years owned is Input variable.

    d. V = 16,750 - 1030*1 = $15,720.
    V = 16,750 - 1030*2 = $14,690.
    Finish the table.

    e. The value of the car decreases as the years increase.

    f. V = 16750 - 1030x.
    V = Value of car.
    x = The number of years owned.

    g. V = 16750 - 1030*7 =]

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