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The drawing shows a copper wire (negligible resistance) bentinto a circular shape with a radius of 0.48 m. The radial sectionBC is fixed in place, while the copper bar ACsweeps around at an angular speed of 16 rad/s. The bar makeselectrical contact with the wire at all times. The wire and the barhave negligible resistance. A uniform magnetic field existseverywhere, is perpendicular to the plane of the circle, and has amagnitude of 3.4 x 10-3 T. Find the magnitude of thecurrent induced in the loop ABC.

resistance = 3 ohms

I am having trouble figuring out the algebra for the equation.

I have the emf = -N(ΔF/Δt) but I don't know how to relate the angular speed into the equation. I could find the current with the equation

I= emf*r but I don't know how to find the emf properly

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