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I have completed this test and I missed 4 questions. My answers are submitted in blue, can you tell me which questions are wrong.
1.Having studied small engine repair in night school, fixing the lawn mower was easy.
dangling modifier

2. When I asked for a submarine, the convenience store clerk said he didn't have kits for making model ships with a confused look.
misplaced modifier

3. I always think linen napkins are nicer.
incomplete comparison

4. The reason she is not here is because she is ill.
faulty predication

5. The wind was howling and blowing a hundred miles an hour when suddenly there is a big crash, and a tree falls into Rocky's living room. The sentence shifts in

6. The bulldozer clanked into the woods and the ground was disturbed. This sentence
shifts in
voice and subject

7. Some used car salesmen twist the truth. Be careful when you talk to them. This sentence shifts in

8. If one smokes cigarettes, you run the risk of getting lung cancer.

9. Anyone who rides a bicycle every day will discover that they develop some muscles not developed by jogging. This sentence shifts in

10. The person sat down at the counter and asked did we have any scruples. This sentence shifts in

11. He brought home a new car - large, fire-engine red, fast, and which he could not afford.
lack of parallelism

12. He wrote a hot check. The word hot is used

13. Hot flames poured out of the grill. The word hot is used

14. Have you booted the disk? The word booted is

15. When is the blessed event supposed to take place? Blessed event is

16. The male nurse left the room. Male nurse is
sexist language

17. Mortality weighs heavily upon me like an unwilling sleep. Samuel Johnson

18. He flunked the chemistry test. Flunked is

19. But time did beckon to the flowers. Herbert

20. Here the once embattled farmers stood and fired the shot heard round the world.

21. Select the most effective sentence.
Baxter worried about his English exam when he thought about it.
Baxter felt a pang of existential anxiety when he contemplated his English exam.
When Baxter thought of his English test, he freaked out.
Thinking about the English exam, worry came over Baxter.

22. Identify the type of organization used in the following sentence: I went to the buffet six times, and I still saved room for dessert.

23. Identify the type of organization in the following sentence: Since I was hungry again in an hour, I went to Whataburger.

I am ____ distraught over my horrible love life ____ commiserate with you over yours.
to, too
to, to
too, to
too, too

I wonder ____ jacket this is. Does it belong to Jennie, ____ absent today?
whose, whose
who's, who's
who's, whose
whose, who's

  • English -

    It's hard to tell what your teacher wants without knowing your choices. I think these may be wrong.

    2, 7, 10, 15?, 17, 21?, 24?, 25?

  • English -

    Ms. Sue, thank you, I guess this additional information would have been helpful. Questions 1-4 the choices are, misplaced modifier, dangling modifier, faulty predication or incomplete comparison. Questions 5-10 re: the sentence shifts in, the choices are: person, tense, discourse, voice and subject. Question 11 the choices are unclear pronoun preference, lack of parallelism, mixed metaphor, or a simile.

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