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The life expectancies for men and women in the United States can be approximated by the following formulas:

Women: E= 0.126t+76.74
Men: E=0.169t+69.11

where E represents the length of life in years and t represents the year of birth,measured as number of years since 1975.

a. Write a single equation that can be used to determine in what year of birth
the life expectancy of men and women would be the same.

b. Solve the equation in part a

c. What is the life expectancy for the year of birth determined in part b?

  • Algebra -

    0.126t+76.74 = 0.169t+69.11
    .043 t = 7.63
    t = 177
    year = 1975 + 177 = 2152
    if t = 177
    E = .126(177) + 76.74
    E = 99.1 years old

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