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Posted by Henry on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 6:30pm.

Here are some more sentences I really need you to check. Thank you.

1) His work (better job) consists in changing the words of the news as the Party wants to, in order to control people.
2) The party aims to eradicate individuality.
The information provided by the telescreen is used by the Thoughtpolice.
3)The information provided by the telescreen is used by the Thoughtpolice to control the population.
Winston changes the words of the news so that they are the same as what the party says.
When he looks outside from his window he sees a cold world full of dust and torn paper.
4) Donít use block capitals when writing your paragraphs.
They meet in a room, which they have rent from Mr. Charrington.
When Winston is reading the book by Goldstein, the Thoughtpolice enter their room and arrest then.
5) He is taken in a prison cell in the Ministry of Love.
Posters are plastered everywhere. They show a black-moustached man gazing down over the captions..
6) The Party monitors peopleís life through the telescreen, which is able (?) to broadcast information all the time. The Party monitors Winstonís life. His job consists in changing past news to comply with Ö.Through it the party monitors what

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