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Homework Help: 6th Grade Christian History

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1. when he roman government began to persecute Christians
under Nero,
a) Christianity almost disappeared
b) Christians had to cremate their dead
c) Jews hid themselves in their homes
d) Christianity was outlawed

2. the bishop of Rome was also known by the title
a) pope
b) powerful father
c) leading disciple
d) head bishop

3. Christians and Jews were persecute by the Romans because
a) they were polytheistic
b) they followed the teachings of Christ
c) they followed with other mystery cults
d) they refused to follow roman civil religion

4. how did early Christians organize the church?
a) as a democracy
b) by congregation
c) as a hierarchy
d) as controlled by the laity

5. what roman emperor ended the persecution of Christians?
a) Augustus
b) Julius Caesar
c) Diocletian
d) Constantine

6. a person willing to die rather than give up his/her beliefs

7. the pope is the leader of
a) Roman catholic church
b) Greek orthodox church
c) roman gods
d) protestants

8. the new testament includes
a) four accounts of Jesus' life
b) only the writings of Paul
c) dozen gospels
d) wise proverbs

9. issued in A.D 313 giving religious freedom to all people

my answers:
1) d
2) a
3) d
4) c
5) d
6) martyr
7) a
8) a
9) edict of milan

Please check my answer...

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