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Posted by Katherine on Friday, March 9, 2012 at 1:42pm.

For the reaction described by the chemical equation:
3C2H2(g) -> C6H6(l) .. Delta H rxn = -633.1 kJ/mol
a) Calculate the value of Delta S rxn at 25.0 C...
b) Calculate Delta G rxn...
c) In which direction is the reaction, as written, spontaneous at 25 C and 1 bar pressure?
- forward, reverse, neither, or both?

here's what i did:
Delta S = [1(173.4 J/mol-k)] - [3(200.9)]
Delta S = -429.3 J/mol-k

Delta G = Delta H - T(Delta S)
Delta G = (-633.1 kJ/mol) - (298 K)(-0.4293 kJ/mol-k) = -505.168 kJ/mol

if that's right so far.. yay! but can someone explain how a reaction can be spontaneous forwardly or reversely? right now i only know that a reaction is spontaneous if delta G is a negative number.. please help!

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