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Posted by Katherine on Friday, March 9, 2012 at 1:29pm.

Delta H is 20.1 kJ/mol and Delta S is 45.9 J/(mol-k). Assuming these values change very little with temperature, over what temperature range is the reaction spontaneous in the forward direction?

Is the reaction spontaneous for temperatures less than or greater than the solved temperature?

here's what i did but i doubt it's correct
-0.0001 = ∆H -T∆S
-0.0001 = (20.1 kJ/mol) - T(45.9 J/mol-k)
-20.1001 = -45.9T
the reaction is spontaneous for temperatures greater than T = 0.4379 K?

i used -0.0001 to make Delta G spontaneous

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