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Homework Help: english 11

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1. In persuasive writing, it is important to (1 point)anticipate and address counterarguments.
clearly state your position.

provide facts and examples to back up your position.
practice all of the above.

2. “Redskin” was originally a term for (1 point)Indians in general.
the bounty placed on Indians.
white people who sided with Indians.
great Indian warriors.

3. The government’s first target in educating Indian children was their
(1 point)hair.
clothing styles.

4. Read the following passage from “Indians Are a People, Not Mascots.” Identify which persuasive technique Fred Veilleux employs in the passage.

Suppose a team such as the New Orleans “Saints” decided to
include religious rituals in their half time shows. For instance,
could you imagine that whenever a touchdown is made the public
address system and the organist break into a rendition of “Ave
Maria” while cheering fans dressed as the Pope sprinkle holy water
while toasting one another with chalices full of beer or wine? The
Catholic church and the American public would be outraged.

(1 point)Convince your opponents that you are a reasonable person.
Show that you understand the other side of the argument.
Help people imagine what it’s like to experience the condition you want to change.
Show how the change you want will benefit your audience.

5. If you are reading a book, and it says that Professor Smith is hatching an insidious plot, you know
(1 point)he is the hero.
he is a good writer.
he wants to help others.
he is dangerous.

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