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Math(Please help)

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ln [5.01E-3] = ln(4.86E-2) - (1.80E-2s-1)(t s) Solve for t.

t = 126 s

First I did 4.86e-2 - 1.80e-2 and then on my calculator I pressed the 2nd button and then ln and got 1.031. Then I did the same thing to get the ln of 5.01e-3 and divided that by 1.031 but did not get 126 as the answer. Where did I mess up?

Math - Steve, Thursday, March 8, 2012 at 5:31pm
Does the equation mean

ln(.00501) = ln(.0486) - (.0180s - 1)(ts)?

Doesn't look like that's what you were doing. Try reposting with plenty of parentheses for clarity.

Use ^ for power if needed as in s^(-1) for 1/s

yes that's what it means and how I posted it is exactly how it is written on my homework but I just cant seem to get that answer

Am I suppose to convert seconds into something else??

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    ln .0051 = −5.2963
    ln .0486 = −3.0241
    so now we have

    -2.2722 = .0180t(s-s^2)
    t = 126.233/(s-s^2)

    Now, if the problem read

    ln [5.01E-3] = ln(4.86E-2) - (1.80E-2/s)(t)

    it would be a better fit.
    I think your s-1 was really s^(-1)

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    ok thank you so much!!!

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