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Given the data below, calculate the total heat (in J) needed to convert 20.0 g of liquid ethanol (C2H5OH) at 40.0 oC to gaseous ethanol at 125 oC.
A. 3.23 x 103 B. 3.67 x 103 C. 4.17 x 103 D. 2.08x104 E. 2.12 x 104

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    It would have helped to give the data below. Here is how you do the problem.
    I assume there is a density. Use the density to calculate the mass. mass -= volume x density.

    Then for heat used there are two formula to use.
    Within a phase you use
    mass x specific heat x (Tfinal-Tinitial)
    For example, for liquid ethanol between the freezing point and boiling point you will use
    mass ethanol x specific heat ethanol x (b.p. temp - freezing point temp).

    Then for the change of phase use
    mass ethanol x heat fusion at the melting/freezing point or
    mass ethanol x heat vaporization at the boiling point.

    Then add all of the heats together for the total.
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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