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Becky found $2.00 in her back pocket when she got dressed this morning. She went to the grocery store with her mom and bought a large bag of Skittles. When she got home, she sorted them by color. The chart below shows how many of each color she had.
Red 20
Orange 20
Yellow 17
Green 13
Purple 10

She ate all of her red and purple Skittles first. What fraction of her Skittles did she eat? Simplify the fraction, if possible

She then ate half of the remaining Skittles and saved the rest. What fraction of the bag of Skittles did she save? Simplify the fraction,if possible
I don't know how to solve this problem

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    After eating the red and purple candies, she had 5/8 or 50 left.

    1/2 * 50 = 25

    25/80 = ?

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    On the 1st question is it 3/8? Cause what I did was add 20 and 10 then I got 30. Than I added all the skittles and got 80 so the fraction was 30/80 and I simplified that to 3/8.

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