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Writeacher, you didn't manage to check my post yesterday. I really need you to check just this part. I also included a few other things. Thank you very much in advance!

1) Mr. Gradgrind turns his attention to Bitzer, perhaps because he, though sitting a few rows in advance of Sissy happens to be in the same ray of sunlight which irradiates her. As a matter of fact, boys and girls sit (used to sit) in two separate compact bodies separated from one another by a narrow interval.
2) Sorry, for not replying to your email yesterday. I was really busy with my seven-year-old child. He is such a real pest!
3) I've talked to the headmaster about the possibity of organizing summer courses for our students.
4) As a matter of fact, most teachers, included me, will be involved in school-leaving exams (exams you take at the end of your course of study at high school?) till the end of July and, therefore, won't accompany our students to Ireland.
5) The best thing would be to make plans about next year's summer courses when you'll be visiting us in October.
He is very much in favour (he agrees to us organizing) of organizing different kinds of both students' and teachers' exchange programmes starting from September of next year.
6) All my students can't wait to receive email from their new partners.
Could you ask the principal of your school to write a short letter to our principal, just to let him know that your school is in favour of such a partnership? (I'd like you to help me express it better).

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